Digital whistleblower system to implement the whistleblower guideline

Implementation obligation for companies with 250 or more employees since December 17th, 2021
for companies with 50 or more employees from December 17, 2023


With the Whistleblower Directive, European legislators have determined that all companies with more than 250 employees must provide reporting channels by December 17th, 2021, which enable employees and third parties to report violations of the law in the company. This also while protecting their own identity and without the whistleblower having to fear subsequent sanctions.

With SGP Lumen, SGP Rechtsanwälte has developed a digital whistleblower system that fully complies with European requirements. Violations of European and German law are recorded, including in particular:

  • Antitrust law
  • Bribery, corruption
  • Data protection, IT security, environmental protection, health
  • Labor Law and Safety Law


If you cannot find a suitable information platform in your company, whistleblowers should contact the media, the public and law enforcement authorities directly. This is the worst option for companies, as it can damage their image and result in the direct imposition of fines.


SGP Lumen protects your company and your employees

SGP Lumen protects your company from systematic misconduct, the imposition of fines and damages, as well as your employees from their own misconduct, damage to health and sanctions.


SGP Lumen creates trust among all stakeholders

SGP Lumen creates trust among your employees, business partners and the public when it comes to questions of integrity and corporate responsibility.


Qualified lawyers oversee the reporting channels

SGP Lumen as a complete package ensures that the reporting channels are safely supported by qualified lawyers.

5 Reasons

  • 1
    Legally secure and cost-effective complete solution, can be canceled at any time
  • 2
    SGP Lumen is easy and quick to implement into internal and external corporate websites
  • 3
    SGP Lumen offers completely anonymous correspondence with the whistleblower
  • 4
    SGP Rechtsanwälte ensure that incoming reports are processed in a timely manner
  • 5
    SGP Rechtsanwälte also take care of all other reporting channels (e-mail, telephone, personal meetings)

Reporting system

SGP lawyers


report quickly, easily and anonymously

Examination + correspondence

anonymized between the whistleblower and SGP Rechtsanwälte

SGP Lawyers


anonymized reports with recommendations for action


SGP Lawyers and our team of IT experts will support you in the technically uncomplicated implementation and, with our compliance-experienced lawyers, ensure the continued support of the reporting channels.

This saves you internal resources, provides you with legally compliant advice on all further measures and maintains complete control.

Contact person

Robert Buchmann


make contact

SGP Lawyersis a renowned commercial law firm specializing in the areas of antitrust law, compliance, mergers & acquisitions, corporate law and distribution law. Highly specialized teams also provide targeted, competent and quick support in questions of insolvency law, labor law and many other areas of business law that are relevant to the company.

As a partner company of SGP Schneider Geiwitz we can rely on a high-performance network in the areas of insolvency administration, tax advice and auditing as well as corporate finance for our interdisciplinary legal advice and ensure comprehensive advice to our clients at the highest level.



for whistleblowers


to implement

Data security

according to GDPR, data residency


from a single source

Law conformity

according to the EU Whistleblower Directive


by IT and legal experts

Ask for an offer now and you will soon start with the turnkey system SGP Lumen.

SGP Lumen "complete"

  • IT support during the integration into your own company website and intranet
  • Consideration of the corporate identity (company logo, company color)
  • Available languages as standard: German, English, Spanish, French, Italian, Dutch, Hungarian, Polish, Romanian
  • Continued support for all reporting channels by SGP lawyers
  • Classification of the reports and submission of recommendations for action by specialized lawyers from SGP, including in the areas of antitrust law, data protection law, labor law

SGP Lumen "light"

  • IT support during the integration into your own company website and intranet
  • Consideration of the corporate identity (company logo, company color)
  • No advice from SGP lawyers
  • German and English as standard languages, other languages optional

SGP Lumen is a product of:

SGP Rechtsanwälte

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